Fighting it out in courts for decades? Is that worth your stress and life time? NO, Perhaps NOT. We all need Quick and Controlled Dispute Resolution.

Dispute Resolution Leader

With over 500+ Finest and most credible Dispute Resolvers, we are your first option to resolve complex disputes, quickly and cost effectively. Our principle of peaceful dispute resolution through various tactical interventions is desired by almost every party in dispute.

When you get stuck in a complex dispute – MCN helps you resolve quickly and succeed.

From contract advisory and early negotiations to litigation, MCN provides dispute resolution resources, solutions and services to individuals and businesses as an integrated approach to legal action.

Our mission is to prevent the harmful physical, emotional, and economic effects of unresolved disputes and help settling them and reach closure, faster than any other ways you may adopt.

Our goal is to create and deliver best ways for people and organizations to prevent or resolve disputes and be more productive individuals, companies, governments, nonprofits—whatever they are and wherever they may be.

For Families and Communities

Improving the lives of  Families and communities through effective resolution of conflicts.

MCN provides the first and most workable options to individuals and families for the resolution of their disputes. MCN has developed Practices and new innovative approaches and Standards for family and divorce mediation, child custody evaluation.

For Businesses and Organizations

Businesses by nature, need effective dispute prevention and resolution mechanisms so that disputes do not lead them to courts.

MCN helps businesses with creative conflict management and dispute resolution services and resources.

File for Dispute Resolution

Submit your Case

To submit your case, please fill out our online submission form with as much detail as possible. A case manager will contact you to coordinate and administer the process. Initial Case Submission and Analysis by our Case Managers is Absolutely FREE. Our case manages will Analyse and recommend the best course of action along with registration fee, if applicable.

If you want to submit case details by calling one of our case managers, please call us at +91 8505 999 819 or +91 8505 999 820

Request for Mediation

You may file a Request for Mediation at any time, whether or not you have already filed your case in court or for an Arbitration. When we receive your request, our case manager will contact the other party or parties to the dispute to explain the merits of mediation process, and seek their agreement to mediate.

If the other party refuses to mediate even after wait period of 3 weeks, the proceedings may not go further. An initiation Fee of USD 100 is charged for the process. To speak to one of our case managers before submission, please call us at +91 8505999820 or mail us at

For a confidential assessment of your case, call us at +91 8505 999 820 or Send your message HERE

File a Case

Alternative Dispute Resolution cases, such as mediations, conciliations, assisted negotiations and expert evaluations, are submitted to MCN by agreement of the parties or even if it is not mentioned in the contrat agreement, any one party can submit a request to call upon the other party to participate in a resolution process.

Appoint an Expert Neutral

Parties who wish to appoint an expert Neutral as mediator/arbitrator/expert can seek MCN’s recommendations. Within 24 hours of engaging MCN’s Neutrals Appointing Service, MCN will provide parties with a shortlist of the three most suitable candidates for their needs.

Check MCN’s Training Programs

Establishing benchmark of excellence in delivery of training, education and qualifications of ADR practices. Our tiered training programs deliver expert know-how and support the career progression in the ADR field.

Over 500 Neutrals Nationwide

MCN has a nationwide panel of more than 500 top-tier former judges and other legal and non-legal practitioners uniquely qualified to resolve legal matters in a private forum.

Advisory Board, National/Global Council Members

Advisory Board, Governing Council, Negotiator, Principal Panel
Advisory Board, Governing Council, Principal Panel
Arbitrator, Conciliator, Governing Council, Mediator, Negotiator, Principal Panel, Taxes
Advisory Board, Family Law, Mediator, Principal Panel, Real Estate

Solutions for Businesses and Industry Associations

Consumer schemes for businesses

We provide business to consumer dispute resolution solutions for businesses and trade bodies who have registered for our services. Each service is designed in collaboration with stakeholders to ensure the solution is fast, effective and provided at a sustainable cost.

We work with the stakeholders to develop carefully designed schemes that meet the requirements of specific industries. Over the last 2 years MCN has tailored many schemes for industry trade bodies and individual companies. Organisations throughout India have started using consumer schemes to resolve deadlocked complaints.


Our Dispute Resolution Schemes

Our Services

Family Business

When a family business conflict arises, MCN seasoned mediators will help you keep your family intact, while preserving the business you’ve worked hard to create. Learn more about how MCN can help.

Wills, Trusts and Inheritance Disputes

MCN interventions are the ideal way of resolving a dispute without depleting the estate with the cost of litigation. The MCN mediators provide family members the chance to understand one another even though if they choose not to meet on the day, when relationships are too fractured or emotional.

Elder Care Decisions

When you and your siblings can’t agree on an elderly parent’s care and living arrangements, MCN helps you find a way through the challenge using mediation techniques.

Partner and Shareholder Disputes

When a dispute arises among business owners, it threatens the future of the whole business. Our goal is to help you work through the dispute and continue to grow your business.

Divorce Mediation

Our family experts have the expertise to support and guide you through whatever life may bring. The MCN Family experts facilitate meaningful dialogue and informed decision making about difficult and often complex issues surrounding a decision to divorce.

Employment Disputes

For many people, work is more than a job – it is tied to their identity, their future goals and their financial stability. That is why employment conflicts can be incredibly emotional and frustrating. MCN Experts help employees and employers find workable solutions without the added stress of litigation.

Family Business Disputes

In family businesses, where the twin currents of family and business run through so many decisions, conflict is inevitable. While conflict presents challenges for any organization, internal conflict in family businesses has a special complexity.

Relationship and Inter-personal issues

Today’s demanding lifestyles and complex culture causes incredible stress on you and others in your life. Misunderstandings and communication problems are common complaints among coworkers, friends, siblings and family members.

Medical Negligence Mediation

When a physician finds out that a medical malpractice claim has been filed, it is typically an extremely emotional, heart wrenching experience. Talking to the patient would allow the physician to explain that she did her best and that the outcome is not what either had expected.


MCN expert intervention is today increasingly playing an important role by providing a structured forum for commercial negotiations in construction industry in which the parties themselves remain in control.

Landlord and Tenant

Disputes often arise between landlords and tenants on issues surrounding rent, disrepair, rights, obligations, deposits and service charges. Working with our expert mediators greatly enhances the potential for a mutually beneficial result for all parties.

Real Estate Disputes

In buying, selling or leasing real estate, people typically focus on the property itself. However, real estate transactions, like any other transaction, involve people: buyers, sellers, renters, real estate brokers and leasing agents. We help parties avoid the uncertainty of litigation.