About us

At the forefront of Innovation and positive change, MCN is the largest independent dispute resolution organization in India.

Promoting cutting edge negotiations, strategic peace building, and resolutions to complex disputes of individuals, families, groups and organizations through a range of innovative ADR approaches.


The MCN Experts

Nearly 600 expert neutrals, including retired judges, Industry and domain experts, trained and qualified mediators and arbitrators, attorneys with proven track records. 200 employee associates.

Dispute Resolution approaches frequently used by MCN

Facilitative and evaluative mediation, binding arbitration, neutral case evaluation, settlement conference, neutral expert fact finding, project neutral and dispute review board, Integrated dispute management.

Cases Handled by MCN

MCN panelists resolve multi-party, complex cases in virtually all areas of the law.

Dispute Resolution Rate

Almost all of the cases mediated by MCN, even the most complex ones, are successfully resolved. On a moderate score, over 90% of disputes get resolved through MCN interventions.

Case Types Handled by MCN

Business, Commercial, Construction, Education, Employment, Engineering and Construction, Entertainment and Sports, Environment, Family, Inheritance, Divorce & Separation, Financial Markets, Franchise, Government, Healthcare, Insurance, Intellectual Property, Landlord/Tenant, Lender Liability, Professional Malpractice, Marital Dissolution, Partnership, Personal Injury, Probate, Product Liability, Real Estate, Securities, Trusts and Estates.

Educational/Training Programs

MCN offers select workshops and external educational programs that aid organizations and individuals in resolving their own disputes. MCN also offers a range of training programs for Neutrals and panelists.


We are a consortium of embedded partnerships. A part of potent combination of not-for-profit and commercial initiatives – all working towards one mission of building peace through a range of innovative conflict management and dispute resolution services and solutions.

Our partners and members consist of innovators, leaders from different walks of life, entrepreneurs, corporates, leading law firms and independent practitioners and other conflict management professionals from diverse industries and communities.

Along with our members and with a web of partnerships, we are poised to be a global leader.


The Mediation and Conciliation Network (MCN) is a part of consortium and a not-for-profit organization committed to the promotion of quality conflict management and peaceful dispute resolution. Through our innovative ADR services, leadership, education, promotion of professional standards, training and development of innovative programs, MCN provides opportunities for people, communities, organizations and businesses to effectively respond to conflicts.



MCN manages several mediation and arbitration programs for individuals, families, communities and businesses as well as provides training on various dispute resolution tactics. A wide range of services and solutions are delivered through our integrated partnerships across geographies. Please refer our services and solutions section to know more about our offerings.

MCN and its partners and members serve as catalysts for new ways in which disputes are resolved, and generating major reforms in the effective management of disputes.

MCN International

The mandate of MCN is to provide a single cost effective Indian source for all types of international dispute resolution, including formal international arbitration, mediation, med-arb or other hybrid systems of dispute resolution.

Arbitrators and Mediators

MCN has a roster of highly regarded national and International Arbitrators and mediators. In addition, there is a separate roster of specially trained International Mediators to handle mediation under the MCN and UNCITRAL Conciliation Rules for international commercial disputes.

Administration of ADR for organizations

MCN provides complete administration of a dispute resolution process. This includes not only selecting the mediation and arbitral tribunal or mediators, but also includes all organizational details such as hearing venues, reporters, interpreters, audio visual aids and accommodation etc.

MCN moves its resources to provide mediation and arbitration of cross-border disputes. visit MCN International website HERE