MCN’S Service Delivery Model


Our experienced team of case managers provide the parties and lawyers with excellent service in the administrative aspects of the mediation procedure: from the filing of the Request for Mediation until the conclusion of the procedure.

  • Experience gained managing hundreds of thousands of mediations
  • Continuous availability and access of the Case Managers for all disputing parties.


MCN has developed modern Mediation Rules and Procedures refined over the years based on the


MCN’s goal is to consistently offer parties and lawyers, expert mediators who have proven themselves successfully resolving disputes of specific nature and over time to be the most experienced and sought after.

  • The list of MCN Accredited mediators is nationwide. All mediators can operate and be appointed to each location in India.
  • Mediators and arbitrators are divided by areas of dispute specialization for example commercial, property, family etc.
  • Only those mediators whose professional skills demonstrate a high potential for success in mediation are invited to be on ADR Center’s list.
  • All mediators are required to participate in an internal training “Learning from each other” developed by participating in 12 months of shadowing, coaching, feedback, advanced training and regular exchange of experiences between Italian and foreign colleagues.
  • After 12 months, the prospective mediators are evaluated on the average of the results of the evaluation questionnaires completed by the parties at the end of each procedure and, in the mediation success rate, those who are approved will earn a spot on the MCN mediator list.