ADR Services


At MCN, clients are assisted by expert, professional case managers and neutrals (retired judges, industry & domain experts and attorneys) who use a full range of dispute resolution processes between direct negotiation and litigation to achieve resolution.

MCN assists organizations of all kinds to develop and administer ADR programs designed to resolve disputes between various parties. This may include disputes between private parties within an industry or disputes between organizations and their customers, clients, patients or employees.

Using an ADR platform demonstrates the goodwill, reputation and willingness of an organization to resolve disputes through mediative settlements without using the system of justice through courts and avoid the high costs of litigation and protracted conflict.

Administration of Process and Appointment of Experts and Neutrals under the MCN Rules and Procedures

MCN appoints arbitrators and administers cases pursuant to MCN Dispute Resolution Arbitration Rules and Mediation Rules.

Forward thinking new world law firms and practitioners are drafting commercial contracts with inclusion of dispute resolution clause indicating that any dispute that arises with respect to the contract will be administered by MCN. Parties can also agree to submit to the rules in the absence of a contractual term.

Dispute System Development

To develop a system that the organization can then administer. This would include everything from determining how, where and when sessions will take place, the process to be followed, how facilitators/mediators will be paid and at what rate, who will cover travel and facility expenses etc., training and orientation of facilitators, to setting up a complaints system.

Requirements change over time, necessitating ongoing changes in the system, communication with roster members, training etc.

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