ADR and Ombudsman Schemes

MCN works on the design, delivery, management and administration of Ombuds Schemes, Dispute Resolution service, Whistle-blowers service and other Innovative ADR modules for businesses and organizations.

Organizations, Associations, businesses and other institutions appoint MCN as the Scheme Agent to set up and manage their complaints/dispute prevention, management and resolution service.

Dispute prevention, management and resolution Schemes can be set up by MCN for any organization, association, Trade/Industry Body collectively or independently. MCN helps them at all stages in developing, integrating, managing and administering the schemes.

MCN Managed Programs for businesses or Industry Associations

If you represent a trade association or similar organization and would like to bring the benefits of ADR to your members, please consider partnering with MCN to develop an appropriate rule set, assemble an expert panel of neutrals, and efficiently administer the cases.

MCN Managed Programs include –

MCN’s experts will work with you to draft model ADR clauses, create a custom set of rules and procedures, and educate your membership about the process. Contact us at 8505 999 819 or via email at to get the process started.