Appoint an Expert Neutral

MCN is the largest neutral resource in the making, with over 1000+ distinguished experts coming from all walks of life – providing  neutral experts role as Mediators, Arbitrators, Negotiators, Ombudsmen, Neutral Evaluators to parties in dispute.

Whether parties need a mediator, arbitrator, subject matter expert, facilitator, consultant, trainer, or investigator, our Neutral service provides neutral experts that both parties will buy in.

In-house Counsel and Law Firms are using MCN Neutral services for including neutrals and mediation clauses in their contracts. MCN Neutral service helps them to manage disputes even before their occurrence.

MCN Neutral Service serves a broad cross-section of disputes. From employee conflicts and a variety of government and consumer-oriented programs.

MCN is evolving as a the “pre-set” mechanism for resolving the dispute, and no outside pressure is needed to get the parties to use the process.  MCN Neutral Service maintains extensive rosters of neutrals for different processes and types of disputes and parties can make their own choice out of these comprehensive lists.

MCN’s Neutral Appointing  Service

Parties who wish to appoint an expert Neutral as mediator/arbitrator/expert can seek MCN’s recommendations. Within 24 hours of engaging MCN’s Neutrals Appointing Service, MCN will provide parties with a shortlist of the three most suitable candidates for their needs.

MCN is able to serve as an appointing authority for mediators or experts on an ad hoc basis, i.e. in cases not administered in accordance with the MCN Mediation Rules, in accordance with the agreement between the parties. The Neutrals appointing service is governed by MCN Rules of Neutrals Appointment.

Parties wishing to use MCN’s Neutrals appointing service may submit a request along with the requisite appointment fee as follows:

One (1) mediator, arbitrator or expert – INR 25K per party

If parties subsequently agree to proceed with mediation at MCN, the Appointment fee would be credited and offset from the MCN’s case filing and management fees.