For Businesses and Corporations

MCN provides efficient, effective alternative dispute resolution (ADR) case administration for business-to-business (B2B) claims. In addition to the MCN’s Commercial Mediation and Arbitration Rules, we offer specialized rules and supplements tailored for specific types of business disputes.

MCN National Roster of Arbitrators and Mediators

The MCN’s Roster comprises respected former judges, highly experienced attorneys, and accomplished business professionals with industry-specific knowledge and expertise, bound by the MCN Code of Ethics for Commercial Arbitrators and Mediators.

Sector Expertise

Did you know that conflict kills more businesses than competition or the economy. If you are spending time and money fighting and must find a solution to a business dispute because so much is at stake, MCN helps you break the deadlock.

Our case handling team, experts and neutral dispute resolvers work with boards, shareholders, management teams as well as business partners, employees and consumers to bring disputes to an amicable conclusion.

Issues and conflicts can occur in any sector. Our business mediation and facilitation expertise are applicable to almost every business sector including: advertising, aerospace, associations, banking, brokerage, charities, chemical, information technology, construction, consumer packaged goods, design, distribution, entertainment, engineering, estate, family owned business, films and entertainment, food service, franchise, government, health care, internet businesses, landlord tenant, logistics, manufacturing, medical products and devices, media, metals, mining, mutual funds, not-for-profit, outsourcing, petrochemical, retail, service, steel, travel, technology, telecommunications, transportation, textile, venture capital et all.

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