Wills, Trusts and Inheritance Disputes

MCN interventions are the ideal way of resolving a dispute without depleting the estate with the cost of litigation. The MCN mediators provide family members the chance to understand one another even though if they choose not to meet on the day, when relationships are too fractured or emotional.


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Inheritance Litigation aggravate Family Grief

Often, the differences and disagreements that arise among heirs in the settlement of a common family member’s estate escalate and can mount into disputes that are hard to resolve, let alone repair. These matters regard families who are grieving the loss of a loved one with tired, exposed, and emotionally vulnerable spirits. Court proceedings can put salt on those raw wounds and make the situation worse, adding even more resentment and ill will to the volatile equation. Litigation can serve to drive a breakup between family members and cause deep and lasting intra-family rifts.

The best result can most often be found when a dispute is resolved in a non-litigious manner, through discussions and negotiations between the parties (or at least through the parties lawyers). This philosophy leads us, in dispute matters, to strive to be logical and tough but reasonable, both with opposing parties and, when needed, with our own clients.

We try to help our clients see the big picture and clearly understand their rights, interests, and responsibilities. We then try to help the clients and the opposing parties see a potential result which everyone can live with, and to find a way to reach that result. To live up to our philosophy, we strive to use our creative problem solving skills as well as our legal knowledge and reasoning skills. We also try to discourage both our clients and the opposing parties (through their lawyers) from behaving in ways which may make litigation impossible to avoid.