Employment Disputes

For many people, work is more than a job – it is tied to their identity, their future goals and their financial stability. That is why employment conflicts can be incredibly emotional and frustrating. MCN Experts help employees and employers find workable solutions without the added stress of litigation.

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If you have a dispute with your employer or any other employment relationship problem, MCN mediators help you solve without getting into a prolonged court battle.

Bullying and Harassment

Where bullying and harassment occurs or is claimed, it is essential to engage a professional who can manage all aspects of the claim, and to minimize the potential outcomes which can be disruptive to employers and damaging to individuals involved.


Unfair Dismissal

Representation of employers and employees in Unfair Dismissal cases from preliminary advice and support through claim management, document preparation.


Workplace Discrimination

Discrimination in the workforce can take many forms, and there are a range of options available for progressing these claims, and a number of tribunals and jurisdictions which are able to accept claims of this nature.  It is important to deal with these claims quickly and professionally through mediation processes to achieve the best possible solution for all parties and to reduce potential financial liabilities.