Relationship and interpersonal issues

Today’s demanding lifestyles and complex culture causes incredible stress on you and others in your life. Misunderstandings and communication problems are common complaints among coworkers, friends, siblings and family members. Mediation can be a process of discovering realistic and long-lasting solutions to all types of issues, such as:

  • Interpersonal conflicts
  • Divorce | unmarried couples | p-arent child | joint family Issues
  • Communication difficulties about addiction | abusive behaviors
  • Co-parenting issues, including blended families and step-parenting.
  • Finances | money management problems
  • Children with special needs.
  • Child behaviors | truancy and discipline.


we are sensitive to the affects of emotional stress resulting from unresolved issues with others. That is why we make available to our clients our experts who are prepared to assist you. our network includes counselors who understand social, cultural, behavioral, psychological, religious dynamics and sensitivities in relationships.

For divorce clients facing issues involving drugs, alcohol, addictions, depression and abuse, our network includes therapists who are certified to provide help. For our clients who have not yet retained legal counsel, but need legal advice, our network includes divorce lawyers who practice in various areas of law.

And, for clients who need financial guidance, our network includes divorce financial planners, tax professionals, credit counselors, insurance brokers, bankers and realtors to provide assistance and advice.


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