Organizational Memberships

The Mediation and Conciliation Network (MCN) supports organizations in preventing and managing conflict. Organizational memberships demonstrate your commitment to a workplace culture of healthy conflict resolution.

Organizational memberships are open to corporations, educational institutions, businesses, government departments, and not-for-profit organizations building a strong and healthy work environment through effective communication and dispute resolution. The benefits of a pro-active ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) culture include improving employee, client Vendor retention, saving time and money when resolving internal and external disputes, and building staff competencies in communication and conflict management.

Organizational Membership Benefits

MCN helps organizations adopt the approach to minimize the risk posed by conflicts in every functional area of their business.

Your membership ensures that your organization is embedded and armed with all the latest tools, practices, resources and processes for the prevention, management and effective resolution of disputes.

As a MCN member, your company will gain access to a powerful global network of member companies, thought leaders, peers, neutrals and stakeholders – all committed to minimize the risk posed by disputes  with external and internal stakeholders.


  • Demonstrate commitment and leadership in preventing, managing and resolving disputes by joining MCN, a new world organization of forward-thinking companies
  • Gain insights into the latest thinking and business models through a global multi-industry “laboratory” for prevention and resolution of disputes.
  • Develop the tools and capacity to successfully integrate and embed conflict free environment within your business.
  • Build resilience to social, political and commercial risks that may threaten your company’s competitiveness due to possible conflicts.
  • Collaborate with peers across your value chain and from other industries to develop and scale-up solutions to cross-border, cross-culture and commercial disputes
  • Participate in policy development and influence the framework conditions under which you operate.
  • Show your commitment towards self regulated systems and strengthen your company’s reputation.




Customized implementation of MCN Managed and Administered Dispute Resolution schemes and programs listed below.

  • Ombudsman Scheme for Early settlement of disputes
  • Consumer Dispute Ombudsman Service
  • Bureau of Employee Assistance and Ombudsman


Members pay no subscription or annual fee for customized implementation of these schemes. Members pay only for case management, neutrals and experts fee if required during the membership period.  (This benefit is applicable for a limited period only.  Costs other than initial implementation fee, will apply with additional member discounts).


Dispute Prevention, Management and Resolution Services, Expertise, Insights

  • Free assessment and report on existing dispute prevention and resolution approach of the company by MCN experts.
  • Free review of existing cases under litigation for possibility of settlement through ADR processes and reducing the case load.
  • Early Neutral Evaluation of disputes by Experts at a highly discounted price.
  • Agreement review+drafting assistance by renowned commercial contract experts.
  • Dedicated account representative, plus access to expert staff.
  • Annual meeting with MCN account team to discuss strategy and emerging trends.
  • Free advice and help on customized stepped dispute resolution clauses for all kinds of contracts throughout the year.
  • 25% discount on Neutrals Fee, Venue Fee and other ADR services of MCN.
  • 15% rate reduction for arbitration and mediation conducted by select MCN Neutrals.
  • Unlimited and anytime access to the pool of largest, diverse and talented Neutrals from over 50 countries around the world.
  • Customized support and guidance on dispute prevention and resolution.


Collaborative Solutions

  • Collaborative initiatives to generate creative and customized solutions specific to each members business and industry.
  • Participation of a senior authority of the member company in MCN Executive Council.
  • Participation of company members in MCN’s industry and subject matter committees for further improvements and implementation of innovative measures.



  • Networking opportunities with peers and stakeholders through participation in working groups of various industry segments


Thought Leadership

  • Access to the blog section of MCN’s website for posting articles etc.
  • possibilities of speaking engagements at select events/ forums.
  • Organizational recognition – on website, marketing materials of MCN.
  • Authorized use of MCN logo on members online and offline communication collateral


Membership Fee

Membership starts at INR75k + GST (per anum) for membership  level 1 and goes upwards upto INR 50Lac based on custom needs of each member organization.

Small and Medium Sized Organization may qualify for discounts. University and Not-for-Profit members please inquire for reduced rate for each membership level. Please contact us at or fill our contact form HERE