Student Group Memberships

MCN is pleased to introduce our Student Group Membership Program for academic institutions!

Student Group Membership is a convenient and easy way to ensure that all of your Law students students have full access to the many benefits of MCN membership – valuable benefits that will greatly enhance their current academic and future professional careers!

How it Works

Each participating college or university submits the names of all of their eligible law students in one batch and makes a single payment for all – and we do the rest (you need a minimum of 10 students to participate).

Why participate?

MCN Student Group Membership is a win-win for you and your students!

Participating in the MCN Student Group Membership Program has many advantages for both you and your students. Here are just a few:

A streamlined administrative process

The convenience of making a single payment

The satisfaction knowing all of your law students have access to all of the valuable tools MCN has to offer including:

  • Mentoring Services
  • Meetings and Events
  • Member discounts on MCN products, services and events, and much more!