Private Clients

MCN’s one of the main busy practice is to regularly mediate disputes of Private Clients (Including high net worth individuals and investors) engaged in high voltage disputes and litigation.

Individuals in litigation frequently seek our services, either through their advisors or if they are acting as “litigants in person”, to comply the with jurisdictional rules to consider alternative dispute resolution before trial.

Disputes with High-Net-Worth Individuals Private Clients include disputes around portfolio and wealth management (with global banks or personal finance/client account advisers), as well as property deals and high-end products and services (including cars, yachts and jets).

Dispute resolution sphere includes:

All types of litigation, including high value
Contractual disputes
Supply of goods and services
Employment and workplace

Our clients

Individuals in litigation
High-Net-Worth Individuals Private Clients

Our services

Our practice has a number of mediators and neutrals available for appointment on a wide range of assignments:

Early Neutral Evaluation
Expert Determination
Workplace Mediation